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Magical Spell Masters is a turn-based strategy game about spelling words to cast spells. Using a grid of magical runes, spell out powerful words and combine elements to defeat dangerous foes across a series of battles.


  • Mouse - Move Cursor
  • Left Click - Select/Deselect Rune, Select Enemy, Interact with UI
  • Esc - Pause Game


Magical Spell Masters is a 15-week AIE student project. The game is in a completed state but we're continuing to work on and improve it. Follow this game so you can be notified for any updates.

After playing please take the time to fill out this short feedback form

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Contact us by Email: magicalspellmasters@gmail.com

Download the soundtrack for free here!


Designers: Finn Mahoney, Sean Brady

Artists: Brandon Nunez, Jamie Appleby, Sean Spek

Programmers: Tim Dodds, Fred Bancan

Audio: Tim Dodds, Simon Fisher, Sean Gladman


MSM_gold_1-3-1.zip 199 MB

Install instructions

1. Download the .zip file. 

2. Unzip the .zip file to a folder. 

3. Open up that folder and view the README txt file inside for more information.

4. Run the Magical Spell Masters.exe file 

Development log

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