Heading into Beta.


Hello viewer of this update, we have worked really hard this week to finish off our alpha build so we can move onto beta. There is a TON of new features so be sure to give the new build a download and try it out for yourself! Now is the perfect time to start playing Magical Spell Masters as we are really studying the feedback to improve on and polish the game during beta. New builds will probably be coming out more regularly now as we fix and update all of the games different features so be sure to check out the latest build when you have time! Details about the changes since last week are below.

What's changed since last week:

  • Multiple levels added
  • Skippable Tutorial levels added
  • Save/loading system implemented
    • Press the 'Continue' button after playing part of the game to try it out
  • Replaced and updated a lot of placeholder environment assets
  • Updated a couple of the rune materials/shaders
  • More of the GUI was implemented and hooked up
    • Credits
    • Level select
    • Settings (you can adjust the volume, yay)
  • Existing GUI was Updated
    • increased clarity
    • Looks better
  • Upcoming enemies moves
    • hover over an enemy to see what move they will use next
  • More audio added
  • Updated and improved existing audio sounds
  • Lighting improved
  • Improved game flow
  • A lot of bug squishing and other BTS improvements

- MSM Team

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