Magical Spell Masters - FULL RELEASE!!!

Magical Spell Masters - Out Now

The FULL, FREE release of Magical Spell Masters is out now!!! We've spent the last couple of weeks working really hard to piece everything together for the full release of the game! We've added tons of small improvements and polish to the game to make it look and feel much nicer to play as well as fixing bugs and implementing the feedback we've received from you!

While the full version of Magical Spell Masters has been released, we are still working on and continuing to improve the game so don't stop sending us feedback. 

With the release of the full game, we've also updated the look of our itch page using new graphics, high quality in-game screenshots and other small tweaks to the page background, layout and format. We've also uploaded a trailer for Magical Spell Masters (see video posted at the top of this post) and a Developer Commentary video where the MSM team discuss how the development for the project went:

We are going to continue updating and improving the game so any of your feedback would be much appreciated!

What's been added:

  • MSM Title Art
  • MSM Application Icon
  • UI sprite work added
  • Environments Improved and Updated
    • Lighting Improved
    • Smoke particles added
    • More models and other details added to the scene (potions, books, cobwebs)
    • Updated models
    • Updated textures
    • Decals added
  • New player and enemy animations and particles
    • Player and Neko-Mancer both have new animations
    • More magic spell casting related particles have been added
    • Magic spell casting particles have been improved
    • Enemies now turn to face the target that they are interacting with when using a more 
    • Cursed Furniture enemies now have a whirlwind effect below them to further emphasise that they are floating
    • When the player is choosing an enemy to attack a selection ring will appear below the enemy that the player is currently targeting
    • When the player is casting a spell, a magical spell will appear on the floor around the character
  •  Rune Textures and Shaders Improved
  • Main Menu looks nicer
  • Highscores and Highscore boards added
  • Neko-Mancer letter look and text updated
  • tooltip text updates/improvements
  • Gameplay balancing and tweaking
  • Bug Fixes

We're continuing to update and support this game so any feedback would be much appreciated. Look forward to more updates!

- Team MSM

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Nov 29, 2021

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