MSM has a new look!!

Newest build out earlier than usual, PRE-ALPHA V4 Just Released!!!

We were lucky enough today to be able to (digitally) share the current build of 'Magical Spell Masters' with other AIE students across all over Australia as part of a multi-campus presentation. While we did have to quickly prepare some form of presentation, it really helped in giving us the motivation to make sure our game were nice and presentable so others could see our progress and be encouraged to check out our game. Speaking of nice presentation...     NEW ITCH.IO PAGE!!! We got a new logo, background and everything!  Finally to round off this message, we have a new build posted!! Pre-Alpha 4 is now available for download, I hope you'll try it out and give it a shot. Details about the new build are below.

What's changed since last week?:

  • Updated the lighting in the scene
  • Replaced some placeholder environment assets
  • Status effects implemented
    • Freeze status
    • Poison status
    • Debuff status
    • Buff Status 
  • More Particles and VFX's
    • particles for the status effects named above
    • Amount of damage dealt/healed
  • Menus and UI elements
    • Main menu
    • Pause menu
    • Gameover screen
  • Simple Animations
    • player and enemy move into place
  • Enemies functions
    • can buff each other and themselves

Likely no new build for 2 weeks so please follow us to be notified on the next update! 

- MSM Team

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Sep 23, 2021

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